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Do you have questions about Digital and High Definition Television?  ABC Columbia is here to help! WOLO-TV is broadcasting at full power and has been since 2002. WOLO-TV operates on( RF) VHF Channel 7.


If you lose a channel it is important to re-scan your channels.

You may have to re-scan twice or more in order to get all the stations.


To double scan your TV :

Unplug the antenna.

Rescan your TV… This clears the memory.

Unplug the box power cable for approx. 1 minute.

Then reattached both the power cord and antenna.

Finally, rescan again.

You may also go to MENU, then CHANNEL ADD and MANUALLY INSERT CHANNEL 7. You may need to call the TV set manufacturer for additional help.

This should solve your reception issues. If not you may need assistance.



Follow the same rescanning instructions for your converter box.



You need a VHF/UHF antenna.

Antenna reception range is based on a line of sight signal path from the TV tower to your home. Several factors can limit reception at your location. Some of these are mountainous and hilly terrain, obstructions in the signal path and metal construction materials. Position your antenna towards the broadcast tower for best performance.

The best reception for digital television is with an outside or rooftop antenna.

The second best reception would be with an attic-mounted antenna.

Finally, rabbit ears or an inside antenna will work but with the digital signal these types of antennas are not as reliable. If you are using rabbit ears the telescoping rods should be at a length of approx. 15” for each rod. The antenna should be near a window and pointed in the direction of the TV towers. WOLO’s tower is located off of I-20 on Rush Road near Elgin. Most of the Columbia stations towers are in that area.

Height is important. Place your antenna as high as you can in the room.

If you have been receiving stations and then you lose the station and the picture goes blue or black or you see pixelation, then you need to adjust your antenna.



Be sure to follow the instructions for setup of your converter box carefully.

If you have a Magnavox converter box and it does not automatically scan in WOLO Ch. 25-1, you may have to manually insert Ch. 7-1 (our digital channel). This is a common issue with the Magnavox converters.


For WOLO issues please call 803-754-7525, ext. 425 or e-mail

For more information go to or call 1-888-835-5322 


ABC Columbia’s HDTV Reception Tips

To see what Digital TV stations you can receive for FREE! at your location, antenna aiming direction and additional information, enter your address at one of these websites: gives basic parameters of all available stations. gives complete technical parameters of all available stations. will help you to choose the proper antenna

For best reception of all stations, we recommend an attic or outdoor rooftop VHF-UHF antenna. Indoor antennas generally do not provide reliable reception for digital television and can be problematic due to trees, electrical interference, traffic, and other RF sources. Detailed TV antenna information can be found at the following websites:


WOLO broadcasts digitally from our tower in Elgin SC located on Rush Road. We transmit on (RF) VHF Channel 7 at our maximum legal power of 43,700 watts ERP. Our tower’s coordinates are: 34.116 -80.764.


For proper and consistent reception of WOLO, make sure your antenna is VHF capable.

Here are the channels you can receive digitally from WOLO:

25-1 WOLO-DT: High-Definition programming in 720p and Dolby Digital 5.1 from ABC Network and Syndicated programming when available. If a program is available to us in High Definition, you’ll see it here.

25-2 Start-TV: Programming police and legal dramas like The Closer, Cagney & Lacy, Medium, Cold Case and more.

25-3 QVC Home Shopping.

25-4 WOLO-ME: Classic programming from the Me-TV network, broadcasting in 16:9 widescreen with black letterboxing.

25-5 H & I-Classic TV featuring shows like House, Nash Bridges, Monk, JAG and more.

25-6 DABL-Lifestyle programming featuring Martha Stewart and Emiril and much more.

25-7 Get TV-Classic TV shows like Walker Texas Ranger, All In the Famiiy, Sanford and Son.

For more information on Digital Television, please visit the following websites:

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