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Two Tropical Storms

There are 2 tropical storms in the Atlantic right now, but neither poses any threat to the United States. The only impact from Tropical Storm Kyle will be high surf along Long Island and southern New England. Josephine will likely…

Tropical Update

Tropical Depression 11 is still about 2500 miles away from the southeast coast of the United States. It's expected to get itself better organized over the next few days and become a tropical storm. But at this point it's very…

Canadian Ice Shelf Collapses

Near the far northern tip of Canada, there's a lot of ice. But that ice is melting because of Global Warming. NASA has confirmed that the Milne Ice Shelf has collapsed - shrinking by about 40% in just 2 days…

Isaias Was Very Destructive

Although the storm was "only" a category 1 hurricane at its peak, Isaias caused a tremendous amount of damage - likely topping $1bill. For starters it knocked out power to 6.8 million customers from Puerto Rico, up the eastern US,…

Isaias in the Record Books

The flooding caused by Isaias at Myrtle Beach was the 3rd highest in the last 40 years - only eclipsed by Hugo and Matthew. Also note the wind gusts from Isaias at it made landfall last night. The wind is…

Isaias Update

Isaias is now moving slower and the result is that it will arrive along the South Carolina coast on Monday night. The best estimate is that Isaias will be a tropical storm at that point. The impacts for us in…

Hurricane Isaias Update

Hurricane Isaias is still on track to impact coastal South Carolina on Monday. On the current track the strongest winds and heaviest rain will be along the coast - with smaller impacts inland. That said, the cone of uncertainty is…

Isaias is Now A Hurricane

Isaias has quickly turned into a hurricane and it's headed towards the coastal waters of Florida and the Carolinas. A lot can change in the next few days, but the best estimate at this time is that the center of…

New Tropical Warning

A storm system in the Atlantic will likely strengthen and become Tropical Storm Isaias in the next day or so. Below is the projected path over the next 5 days. Please stay tuned for updates.

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