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Supermoon Tonight

Tonight the moon is called a supermoon! So what does that mean? The moon is bigger and brighter than normal. More specifically, tonight's supermoon is the biggest and brightest that it'll appear all year. That's because tonight is the the…

Statewide Burning Ban Starts Today

The South Carolina Forestry Commission has issued a statewide burning ban starting on Tuesday April 7.  The ban is in place because smoke can make the symptoms of COVID-19 worse, in some cases much worse. Here's a link to the…

How do infections like the coronavirus jump from animals to people?

National Geographic has a fascinating article about this. Well worth the read. Here it is:

Does Social Distancing Work?

The short answer: absolutely yes. And for now, it's all we got. This article from National Geographic looks back at how different cities handled the Spanish Flu in 1918-19. The bottom line is that the cities that adopted social distancing…

Fewer Flights Could Degrade Weather Forecasts

With the coronavirus crisis impacting almost every part of our lives, it actually could have a negative impact on weather forecasts. Why? Airplanes collect weather data. That data gets ingested into weather models. Fewer flights means less weather data. And…

Billionaire Designs New Ventilator in 10 Days

James Dyson, the billionaire known mostly for his vacuum cleaners and had blowers, has designed a new ventilator in just 10 days. He calls it the "CoVent" and it's designed to specifically treat those with coronavirus. His ventilator is in…

Is Math Illiteracy Making it Hard for People to Grasp Coronavirus

Dr. Marshall Shepherd is speculating that one reason why folks are having a hard time understanding the coronavirus is because they are not used to processing mathematical information - especially from graphs. It's worth a read:

Is Yellowstone's Volcano About to Erupt?

If you type "Yellowstone" into your search engine, you'll likely see lots of folks saying that the huge volcanic system underneath Yellowstone National Park is about to erupt. But before you dive head first into this story, it'd be prudent…

Today is World Meteorological Day

Today is World Meteorological Day. The focus this year is Water & Climate. Here's the statement from the the web page: Fresh water is vital for life. On average, a human being cannot survive more than three days without it.…

Some Science Experiments to do With The Kids at Home

Chad Orzel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Union College, and he writes books about science for non-scientists. He's a contributor to Forbes and the article that he wrote below references several science experiments…

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