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Record High Today

The temperature climbed all the way to 82 degrees today in Columbia. That breaks the record high for the day of 79 degrees set back in 1970.  In case you're wondering, the record high for December is 83 degrees. That…

Solar Panels Over Parking Lots - Makes Sense

The Yale University School for the Environment has published an article making the case for putting solar panels in parking lots.  The land is already being used to park cars, so why not just add solar panels on top.  They…

Lunar Eclipse Early on Friday Morning

A partial lunar eclipse will start on Friday morning at 1:02 AM eastern time.  A lunar eclipse is when the earth casts its shadow on the moon.  The eclipse will last 3 hours and 28 minutes, making it the longest…

Cars: Is Charging Cheaper than Gas?

You may have wondered about the cost difference between filling up a normal car with gas verses charging an electric vehicle. Well, the results are in. Charging is cheaper than gas. Check out this article that sums up several studies: …

Huge Temperature Swing Today

Today's high hit 80° after an overnight low of 36°.  That's a swing of 44 degrees, breaking the record for 2021.  Below is the list of other "big swing" days, courtesy of the National Weather Service in Columbia.

The UK Making Big Strides with Wind Power

The United Kingdom, and the adjacent North Atlantic and North Sea, is a windy area. And they are making big strides in taking advantage of that renewable, pollution-free, resource. At times in 2021, wind farms produced as much as 24%…

October was Very Warm Across the U.S.

The numbers are in and October was warmer than normal in the United States. The average temperature was roughly 2.5 degrees higher than the 30-year average from 1991-2020.  Source:

Getting to Space - Just Much Cheaper

There's been a lot of focus lately on rockets launching folks into space. But the cost per passenger is enormous on Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic.  A company called Space Perspective wants to offer quite a different experience for considerably…

Earthquakes - Yes They Happen Here

Here's a little reminder from the folks at @NWSColumbia. Did you know South Carolina experiences approximately 10 to 20 earthquakes a year? You might be surprised about the facts (and fiction!) of earthquakes. Our friends at @USGS came up with an interesting…

September 2021 - 5th Warmest on Record

The numbers are in and September was the 5th warmest globally.  In the Southern Hemisphere, it was the hottest September on record.  Here's the whole story from NOAA. September 2021 was Earth’s 5th warmest on record | National Oceanic and…

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