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Yet Another Tropical Storm

Another Tropical Storm has formed in the Atlantic. Sam is moving west and expected to intensify over the next several days. It's still too early to know if it will have any impact on the United States, so please stay…

New Tropical Storm

A new tropical storm has formed. Odette is off the Maryland coast and headed out to sea.  The only impact on the U.S. will be big waves from North Carolina to Maine.

We're in a VERY Active Hurricane Pattern

You might be thinking to yourself that a hurricane or tropical storm seems to be hitting the U.S. every other week. Well it's not quite that often, but it is VERY often compared to average.  @bhensonweather tweeted the following: "Another…

Looking at Going Solar?

Are you considering putting solar panels on your roof?  If so, you'll benefit from this article. It gives you all the details on what are the currently the best solar panels in terms of cost, warrantees, etc. Take a look:…

Hurricane Nicholas Making Landfall Tonight

Hurricane Nicholas will make landfall tonight south of Houston, TX.  The wind speed makes it a category 1 hurricane, but that's not the biggest threat. Flooding from heavy rain will cause the most problems. Some areas will see more than…

Peak of Hurricane Season

On Average September 10th marks the peak of hurricane season. That is, when you look at the last 100 years, more hurricanes and tropical storms have been active on this day than any other.  Don't let that fool you though.…

New Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Mindy has formed just south of the Florida Panhandle.  The good news:  1) it's weak and not expected to strengthen, and 2) it's going to be moving harmlessly out to sea on Friday.  We will feel just a…

Hurricane Larry - Going Pretty Far North

Hurricane Larry is going to miss Bermuda as it stays well out to sea. The impacts locally will be higher than average waves along the coast with stronger rip currents over the next few days. But what's more remarkable about…

Hurricane Larry is Now a Major Hurricane

On Friday, Hurricane Larry became the 3rd major hurricane of the 2021 season. A major hurricane is one that's a least a category 3 with winds stronger than 110 mph.  Larry expected to become a category 4 storm with winds…

August was Hotter and Wetter Than Normal

This August, Columbia was hotter than normal and much wetter than normal. The average temperature of 81.4°F was 0.4° above normal, and the 9.55 inches of precipitation was 205% of the normal amount of rain (data are from SC-ACIS and…

Hurricane Ida set to make landfall

ABC News--Hurricane Ida is churning towards the Gulf Coast.  The eye of Hurricane Ida set to hit Louisiana coast According to the National Hurricane Center,  Hurricane #Ida moves inland late Sunday and…

Tropical Storm Ida Headed for the Gulf Coast

A Tropical Storm has formed in the Gulf - Ida.  It's going to move into the Gulf of Mexico over the next few days and will likely make landfall somewhere along the Louisiana-Mississippi coast on Sunday. Stay tuned for updates.

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