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Just How Much Ice is Melting Each Year

Scientists have come up with a visual to show us how much ice has melted (on average) each year from 1994 to 2017. It's a lot. And it's accelerating. It's roughly the size of the ice cube below pictured next…

What Does Mars Sound Like?

Scientists have several ideas on what things sound like on Mars, but we really don't know. That will hopefully soon change. Next month, NASA will land a spacecraft called "Perseverance" with microphones on board. Fingers crossed! You can read the…

We're Cutting Down Trees - at an Alarming Rate

Deforestation. You've heard the term. But what is it actually? Simply put, it's permanently cutting down trees.  And we humans are doing this at an astonishing rate. We're cutting down the equivalent of a football field every few seconds. Or…

2020 - Second Hottest Year on Record

With all the data in, NOAA has concluded that 2020 was the second hottest year on record, right behind 2016. You can read all the details of the report here:

Ocean Temperatures Continue to Hit Record Highs

More bad news on Global Warming. The oceans continue to reach record high temperatures. Here's an excerpt from the article written by 20 scientists from 13 different institutes around the globe. "Over 90% of the excess heat due to global…

Why is the Earth Warming?

The earth is warming because we humans are adding gasses to the atmosphere that trap heat. It's really that simple.  We humans have been burning fossil fuels (gas, coal, oil, etc.) at an increasing rate over the past 150 years…

2020 was 5th Hottest Year on Record

The numbers are in and 2020 was the 5th hottest year on record in the United States. (Scientists will have the global numbers tabulated by the end of January.) Six of the 10 hottest years on record have occurred since…

Odds of a White Christmas

What are the odds of a white Christmas in the United States? As you probably know, the odds are pretty close to zero here in the Midlands. So if Christmas snow is your thing, then you'll need to go north!…

The First Day of Winter

Today is the first day of winter, the winter solstice. This happens when the sun's rays shine the most directly at the farthest southern point in the year. So on this day, we see the most hours an minutes of…

Jupiter and Saturn "Meet"

Jupiter and Saturn will cross paths (or come very, very close to it) on Monday night. That is, they will appear right on top of each other just after sunset on Monday. The last time this happened was in Galileo's…

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