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April 2022 - 5th Warmest on Record

The numbers are in and April was the 5th warmest globally on record.  Here's the tweet from NOAA. @NOAA (1 of 5) Just in: April 2022 tied as the fifth-warmest April on record for the globe, with record high #April…

Utility Companies Resist Residential Solar Panels

Despite the fact that solar panels installed on our roofs will dramatically cut back on pollution, create many good-paying jobs, firm up our defenses against power outages, produce power when it is needed most, and lower our utility bills, the…

A Lunar Eclipse is Coming!

This Sunday night, a lunar eclipse will be visible across most of North America - including us here in the Midlands.  A lunar eclipse happens when the earth casts its shadow on the moon. As long as the skies stay…

Aprils are Getting Warmer Here

Temperatures across the planet are warming.  And that's consistent with what's happening here in Columbia.  The average temperature for the month of April in Columbia has increased by roughly 2.5 degrees since 1970.  This increase is caused by us humans…

A New Approach to Building Wind Turbines

One significant source of green (non-polluting) electricity is wind.  The primary cost is construction and the all the fuel after that is free and clean - wind.  General Electric is trying to trim the cost of transporting some components of…

Oldest Microfossil Discovered

A really, really old microfossil has been discovered in a rocks in Quebec, Canada.  Scientists believe these microfossils to be somewhere between 3.75 and 4.28 billion years old - somewhere between 200 and 700 million years older than previous microfossils…

Just How Loud is a Wind Turbine?

The picture below tells the whole story in easy to understand, relatable noise comparisons.  If you are on the turbine itself, it's about as loud as a lawnmower.   Typically, wind turbines are not placed any closer than 1000 feet from…

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