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Another Tropical Storm has Formed

Yet another tropical storm has formed in this very active 2020. Epsilon is now churning away in the Atlantic roughly 2000 miles off the coast of the United States. And just to be clear, Epsilon will have no impact on…

September 2020 was Warmest on Record

Here's the tweet from the World Meteorological Organization @WMO We just had the warmest September on record, per @NOAA, @NASAGISS and @CopernicusECMWF The 10 warmest Septembers have all occurred since 2005. The seven warmest Septembers have occurred in the last…

Mars is Really Close Right Now

Mars is very close to the earth at this point. Of course "close" is a relative word. Mars got to its closest point on October 6th and it won't be this close again until 2035. For all the details, check…

Hurricane Delta About to Make Landfall

Hurricane Delta will make landfall along the western Louisiana coast on Friday afternoon/evening. From there it will weaken quickly as it moves inland. The impact on us will be rain - focused on Sunday.  

Hurricane Delta Now a Powerful Category 4

Hurricane Delta has intensified very quickly and is now a Category 4 Hurricane. This is bad news for the area near Cancun, Mexico, where the storm will make a direct hit.  Then the storm will push into the Gulf, making…

Hurricane Delta is Headed For the Gulf

Hurricane Delta has its sights set on the Gulf of Mexico - and it will likely make landfall sometime late on Friday between Florida and Louisiana. The storms will bring rain to us here in South Carolina this weekend. Please…

Another Tropical Storm has Formed

Tropical Storm Gamma has formed just to the east of the Yucatan Peninsula. It's expected to slowly drift to the west and end up in the Bay of Campeche - staying well south of the United States.

Harvest Moon Tonight

Tonight's full moon is called the Harvest Moon - the full moon that occurs closest to the first day of fall. It will rise over the horizon at 7:25 pm. And you might notice a bright orange "star" next to…

A Visit to the Most Significant Telescope Ever

A huge telescope with the most advanced technology to date is being constructed right now in Chile. says, "In just its first year of operation, the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope organization says that the telescope will see more asteroids,…

The Tropics Have Quieted Down - a Lot

This hurricane season has been very busy. We've already used up all the names in the English alphabet and have used two names in the Greek alphabet. But we are now getting a well-deserved break. Check out the image from…

Arctic Sea Ice is Melting - That's Bad

The ice in the Arctic is melting. That's bad. The Arctic Sea Ice is often referred to as one of the planet's "air conditioners," because it keeps things from heating up too much. But as the ice melts, it leads…

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