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October - 4th Hottest on Record Globally

The numbers are in and October 2020 was the 4th hottest October on record globally. This 4th place spot for the month actually makes it the "coolest" month in 2020 so far. Each month in 2020 was at least in…

Record Breaking 30th Named Storm of the Season

Tropical Storm Iota is the 30th named tropical storm or hurricane of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. That's a record and records go back to 1851! It's expected to take a track similar to Eta in Central America, which made landfall…

Tropical Storm Eta Along Our Coast

Tropical Storm Eta will push across Florida and make its way along the South Carolina coast on Thursday night. At that time, the storm will be considerably weaker than it is now. So the South Carolina impacts will be mainly…

Record 29th Named Storm

Tropical Storm Theta has formed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. That breaks the record of 28 named storms set back in 2005. Hurricane records go back to 1851. This storm poses no threat to us here in the United States.

New Electric Airplane

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Eta Could Impact South Florida This Weekend

Eta, the storm that made landfall in Nicaragua as a Category 4 hurricane, has moved inland and is now (Wednesday night) much weaker, but still going over Honduras. The latest estimate is that the storm will reinvigorate out in the…

Hurricane Eta Update

Hurricane Eta is a Category 4 storm, now (Tuesday night) hammering Nicaragua. Over the next few days it'll move into Honduras. And then, if the storm survives, it's expected to take a sharp right turn. And on that track, it…

Strong Hurricane Eta Slamming Into Nicaragua

Hurricane Eta is now (Tuesday night) a strong Category 4 hurricane and it's expected to strengthen yet some more as it makes landfall in northern Nicaragua. The impacts will be catastrophic. The winds will be strong enough to blow over…

A Huge Asteroid Headed Our Way

Astronomers have been tracking a large asteroid that has the potential to hit the earth. The asteroid, named Apophis, is about 1100 feet across and was discovered in 2004. Its orbit brings in relatively close to the earth in April…

Tropical Storm Zeta Update

Zeta came ashore south of New Orleans as a Category 2 Hurricane. It's now moving quickly to the northeast and will pass over the mountains of North Carolina early on Thursday. Here in the Midlands we'll be on the outer…

Hurricane Zeta Headed into the Gulf

Hurricane Zeta is now (Monday night) slamming into the northern end of the Yucatan Peninsula. It's expected to make landfall in the US either side of New Orleans on Wednesday evening. From there it will move quickly inland of to…

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