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Getting to Space - Just Much Cheaper

There's been a lot of focus lately on rockets launching folks into space. But the cost per passenger is enormous on Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic.  A company called Space Perspective wants to offer quite a different experience for considerably…

Earthquakes - Yes They Happen Here

Here's a little reminder from the folks at @NWSColumbia. Did you know South Carolina experiences approximately 10 to 20 earthquakes a year? You might be surprised about the facts (and fiction!) of earthquakes. Our friends at @USGS came up with an interesting…

September 2021 - 5th Warmest on Record

The numbers are in and September was the 5th warmest globally.  In the Southern Hemisphere, it was the hottest September on record.  Here's the whole story from NOAA. September 2021 was Earth’s 5th warmest on record | National Oceanic and…

The Tropics are Quiet - Thankfully

The Tropics are very quiet right now - thankfully. As you know, the hurricane season can be very busy right now. But it's not. As of today, there is no expected development of either topical storms or hurricanes over the…

It's Clear Why the Earth is Warming

Why is the earth warming? It's pretty simple. We (humans) are digging up oil, gas, coal, etc., (fossil fuels) from the ground and burning these fuels. We burn them primarily to create electricity and drive our cars, trucks, etc.  This…

We're Running Out Hurricane Names This Year

As you know, 2020 has been a very busy year for hurricanes. There have already been 20 named storms. So what happens when we finish the alphabet? In the past, we've used Greek alphabet - starting with alpha. But this…

Seasons Getting Shorter - Except Summer

A troubling trend in the Northern Hemisphere. Summers are getting longer, while the other seasons are getting shorter.  This is all the result of Global Warming - nearly all of which is caused by humans. You can read the full…

Two Active Storms in the Atlantic

There are two storms in the Atlantic: Hurricane Sam and Tropical Storm Victor.  Fortunately for us, both of them are headed out to sea. The only impacts we'll see is larger than normal waves at the beaches from Hurricane Sam.

Lots Going on in the Tropics

Hurricane Sam will stay well out to sea - completely missing the US. The only impact will be bigger waves along the coast. But there are two areas of concern just now coming off the coast of Africa. Each could…

Yet Another Tropical Storm

Another Tropical Storm has formed in the Atlantic. Sam is moving west and expected to intensify over the next several days. It's still too early to know if it will have any impact on the United States, so please stay…

New Tropical Storm

A new tropical storm has formed. Odette is off the Maryland coast and headed out to sea.  The only impact on the U.S. will be big waves from North Carolina to Maine.

We're in a VERY Active Hurricane Pattern

You might be thinking to yourself that a hurricane or tropical storm seems to be hitting the U.S. every other week. Well it's not quite that often, but it is VERY often compared to average.  @bhensonweather tweeted the following: "Another…

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