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Warmer Fall Nights

As the climate changes, nights are getting warmer in the fall. Climate Central says, "As the climate changes, fall is not as cool as it used to be, and cooler weather is being delayed until later in the season. This…

Hurricane Michael: In The Record Books

Hurricane Michael is the 4th strongest to make landfall in the United States - it came ashore with winds of 155 mph. Hurricane records go all the way back to 1851. Michael is the only Category 4 storm to make…

What We Can Expect From Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael has picked up speed and will be in here by around 2:00-3:00 AM on Thursday. Look for 2-5 inches of rain - which will cause some localized street flooding, and wind gusts to 60 mph - which will…

Hurricane Michael Update

Michael is now a Category 3 Hurricane and will make landfall near Panama City Florida around noon on Wednesday. From there it’ll move very quickly to the northeast and weakening as it travels. The storm will plow through South Carolina…

Hurricane Michael Update

Hurricane Michael is in the Gulf of Mexico and will pick up strength over the next few days. Michael is expected to make landfall near Panama City Florida around noon on Wednesday. From there it'll move very quickly to the…

Preliminary Report on Florence

Today the South Carolina State Climatology Office released their preliminary report on Florence.  The report goes over all the details of the storm itself as well as all of its impacts - and they are catastrophic in some places. Here's…

Harvest Moon

The full moon that happens closest to the first day of fall is called the Harvest Moon. Here's a full description of why it's called that. This picture is courtesy of Jan Null.  

Unusual Clouds in Sumter

Check out these clouds in Sumter. They are called mammatus clouds. They develop near strong thunderstorms. Here's why. In thunderstorms, air rises very quickly - sometimes as fast as 100 mph. And since the atmosphere is a closed system, there…

Florence Breaks Rainfall Records

Here's a look at some of the records set by Florence. Most notable here is that Florence broke the record in both North and South Carolina for the amount of rainfall from a tropical system (storm or hurricane). And look…

Today's Forecast

Tropical Storm Florence is slowly making its way across South Carolina. The worst of the storm is going to miss us here in the Midlands. We'll see 2-5 inches of rain with the highest totals in the northern and eastern…

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