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California is Finally out of the Drought

After almost a decade, California has finally gotten enough rain and snow to declare an end to the drought. The last time California was drought-free was back in 2011. Two unusually wet winters in a row saved the day. San…

Hurricanes Names Michael and Florence Retired

The Hurricane Committee of the World Meteorological Organization has decided to retire the names of Florence and Michael. The hurricane and tropical storm names repeat every 6 years. But when a storm is particularly destructive or deadly, they decide to…

Spring Starts on Wednesday

Spring starts at 5:58 pm on Wednesday. That happens when the sun's rays shine directly over the equator. The only other time of the year when the sun's rays shine directly over the equator is on the first day of…

February Comes in as 5th Warmest on Record

The numbers are in and February was a lot warmer than average. According to NOAA it's the 5th warmest since records began back in 1880. The only warmer Februaries were 2016, 2017, 2015, and 1998. NOAA is just one of…

The Arctic is Melting - A LOT

A new report issued by United Nations Environment Program concludes that the Arctic (area around the North Pole), as we know it, will be gone in the near future. A summary of the report, written by Brian Khan states: "The…

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