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Check Out This Crater

Here's a close-up view of a relatively "young" (less than 10 million years old) crater on the moon. The picture was taken from roughly 70 miles above the surface. It shows the crater is nearly about 13 miles in diameter…

Baby It's Cold Outside

Temperatures are plunging tonight with current wind chills way down in the 20's. This cold air, originating from the middle of Canada, is going to be with us for a few days. So bundle up!

It's Going to Feel Like January

After a rainy Tuesday, it's going to get really cold. A blast of bitter cold will plunge down from Canada - all the way to Florida. That means low temperatures dipping all the way down to the mid 20's Tuesday…

Mercury Will Pass in Front of the Sun On Monday

The planet Mercury will pass in front of the sun on Monday. That's called the Transit of Mercury. says: "Mercury will come into view on the sun’s face around 7:36 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (12:36 UTC; translate UTC to your time)…

Cold Blast Headed Our Way

A pocket of very cold air will blow in on Friday-Saturday, leaving us with the coldest air so far this fall. On both Friday and Saturday nights the temperatures will hit the mid 20's in the coldest spots.

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