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New Record for World's Oldest Human Footprint

Scientists have identified human footprints that date back more than 150,000 years.  Here's an excerpt from the article: "In an April 25, 2023, article published in Ichnos, the international journal of trace fossils, we provided the ages of seven newly dated hominin…

Company Investing $1Bill in Solar Panel Factory in Oklahoma

Excerpts from the article: May 22 (Reuters) - Italy's Enel SpA (ENEI.MI) said on Monday it will invest more than $1 billion in a solar cell and panel factory in Oklahoma, seeking to capitalize on a U.S. push to build a homegrown…

NASA Using High-Altitude Balloons to Study Particles From Space

Here are some excerpts from the NASA article. "The balloon is helium-filled and about the size of a football stadium when fully inflated at its operational float altitude of about 110,000 feet..." (33.5 kilometers). "EUSO-2 will detect ultra-high energy cosmic-ray…

Rock From Outer Space Slammed Into New Jersey House

A rock punched through the roof of a New Jersey home - freaking out the people inside.  It turns out that this wasn't just any rock.  It was a rock from outer space that's been around for a while -…

Sand as a Battery?

One of the challenges with renewable energy is storage.  That is, if you use solar panels, what do you do at night?  Scientists are experimenting with using sand as a battery.  You heard that right.  Sand.  It turns out that…

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