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Columbia is Getting Warmer

Columbia is getting warmer - just like the rest of the the world, the United States, and South Carolina. Below is the increase in the average temperature since 1970. You might be thinking to yourself that 2.7 degrees isn't all…

Venus and Mercury Just After Sunset

From The sun’s innermost planets, Mercury and Venus, will pair up in the west after sunset – their closest pairing for all of 2020 – on May 21 or 22. These two worlds will pass within only one degree on the…

Global Warming is Making Hurricanes Stronger

That's the findings of a team of scientists led by James Kossin, a NOAA scientist based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. wrote a full article summarizing their findings. "This week, scientists at the University of Wisconsin weighed in with…

Major Flooding in Michigan

Today a dam broke and another is failing on the Tittabawassee River in Midland Michigan - roughly 110 miles north of Detroit. This will lead to the worst flooding that's ever been recorded down stream.  Below is the projection in…

Million Mile Battery for Electric Cars Could be Game Changer

Researchers seem to be on the brink of delivering a battery for electric cars that could go for a million miles. If that happens, then electric cars will become cheaper than gas cars immediately.  See the full article here:

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