Democrats: Primary runoff required for US House 7

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A day after the primaries, it’s uncertain whether a runoff is necessary on the Democratic side for South Carolina’s new 7th congressional district as party leaders insist that votes cast for a candidate who withdrew last month should count.

The state Democratic Party said Wednesday a runoff should be scheduled. Second-place finisher Preston Brittain’s campaign says it will fight any other decision.

At issue is whether to count votes for state Rep. Ted Vick, who withdrew last month following a drunken driving arrest. But his name remained on the ballot.

The Election Commission says Vick’s votes won’t count, giving Gloria Tinubu the win outright.

The Democratic Party’s director says Brittain’s campaign offered to pay for signs at polling place informing voters of Vick’s withdrawal, and election commission officials refused.

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