Judge orders Democratic runoff Tuesday in SC 7th

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A runoff will be held Tuesday for the Democratic nomination in South Carolina’s new 7th congressional district.

Judge Larry B. Hyman Jr. ruled Friday that the state Election Commission was wrong when it refused to count votes for a candidate who dropped out of the race. By deciding not to count the votes, the commission declared Gloria Bromell Tinubu received a majority and won last week’s primary.

Supporters of second-place finisher Preston Brittain sued, saying state law requires all votes cast to be counted to determine if a candidate has a majority.

Bromell Tinubu says she has not decided whether to appeal the ruling, but also is preparing for Tuesday’s race.

With all votes counted, Bromell Tinubu got 49 percent of the vote, while Brittain got 37 percent.

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