WATCH: Residents react to planned demolition of Gonzalez Gardens

Residents say they're excited about the opportunity that comes with a fresh start, after Gonzalez Gardens is tapped for demolition

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — One of the nation’s oldest public housing complexes, Gonzalez Gardens, has gotten the go ahead from the federal government to be demolished.

The Columbia Housing Authority is asking the city for $1 million dollars from the City of Columbia to make it happen. The city voted Tuesday to take up their request during the budget process.

The 280-unit complex was built in 1940.

C.H.A. says it’s interviewing each family, and will give them relocation options based on their needs. It says the goal is to have all residents placed, and demolition underway by the end of 2016.

The agency has been planning for this, but they do not have enough money to make the $3 million dollar demolition happen. It’s asked the city for part, and will go to the county and private investors for the rest.

The new housing will feature a mix of affordable and standard housing, geared toward families and the elderly.

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