WATCH: Democratic Candidates Pull Out All the Stops in SC

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) —  The Democratic candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard in South Carolina ahead of the First in the South Primary.

Hillary Clinton may have spent the day campaigning in New York but she made sure there was still a Clinton presence in the Palmetto State.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders concentrated his efforts here in the capital city.

Erica Garner, daughter of the New York City man who died at the hands police, gave a moving introduction to Bernie Sanders Tuesday at USC.
According to Garner, “He stood with Martin Luther King stood with Jesse Jackson he stood with black people when it wasn’t popular. He’s always been a fighter and a voice for the black people.”
Sanders vows to continue this work, through criminal justice reform, if elected.
He says, “What we are going to do is do a lot of training of police departments around our country, we’re going to hold police officers accountable. We all have got to understand that lethal force should be the last response not the first.”
While addressing the student filled auditorium, the Vermont Senator highlighted his plans for free higher education and decreasing student debt.
He explains, “A college degree is the equivalent in many respects to what a high school degree was fifty or sixty years ago. For our economy to do well for your to do well we need the best educated workforce in the world.”
Supporters of Sanders say these ideals  make him the best bet for Democrats.
USC Student Sydney Owens tells ABC Columbia, “I really like some of his ideas. I mean none of the candidates are perfect but he definitely seems like he’d be the best choice.”
However, Hillary Clinton is determined to win votes with youth and minorities.
Clinton spent the day in New York speaking with civil rights leaders about breaking barriers.
“I believe absolutely that America can’t live up to it’s potential unless every single person has a chance to live up to theirs,” says Clinton.
Meanwhile, Former President Bill Clinton was in Greenville conveying the same message on his wife’s behalf.
Both candidates will have to contend with the  Nevada caucuses on Saturday before South Carolina voters weigh in on the race February 27th.
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