Lockdown Lifted at Blythewood Following Threat Against Student

school-lockdown22.jpgCOLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — A lockdown was in place at Blythewood High School Friday afternoon after a student made a threat against another student through social media.
Officials with the school district told ABC Columbia that the lockdown lasted between 15-20 minutes.
Richland County School District Two parents were notified of the lockdown by email, call and text according to a release from officials.
Here is a copy of the message sent to parents.
Dear Blythewood Parents,
I’m emailing with an important message.
Blythewood High was briefly on lockdown, which means students were not allowed to leave their classrooms and no one was allowed in the building.
This was in response to a former Blythewood High student who made a threat on social media against a current Blythewood High student. During the lockdown BHS’s two SROs with support from Richland County Sheriff’s Department and district security searched the campus to look for the former student. While searching the campus, law enforcement received notification that the former student was found outside of Richland County.
The school received an all clear and lifted the lockdown. All students and staff are safe.
Thank you,
Libby Roof
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