Community Members in Fairfield County React to Decision to End Construction to V.C. Summers Reactors

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- After welcoming the construction of nuclear reactors and the thousands of employees that came along with the project, people in Fairfield County said the abandonment devastated their area.

Wade Lewis and his wife Tammy moved to the Midlands from Chattanooga, Tennessee with hopes of a better future. Both were working under V.C. Summer contractor Fluor when they say they received a letter alerting them that Monday afternoon would be their last day. Wade said the announcement was heartbreaking.

“A lot people dedicated themselves to this plant, bought houses, bought new RVs, took time for their family to come here to build this. Everybody ing this campground is several hundred miles from home, I’m 351 miles from home,” said Wade.

Tammy said the owners did not consider workers when they made their decision. “Money is the root of all evil, they think about that. I understand it takes money to build the plant but it also takes good workers to keep it going. And without the good workers, you’re not going to get a plant.”

Fairfield County Delegation members said executives should have fought harder for the employees but the county will bounce back from this overwhelming blow.

“Fairfield county will continue to go on. Our theme is prime the pump, we’re going to prime the pump, we’re going to move forward and we will be successful in fairfield county as well as the state of South Carolina, we are preservers. This is a tsunami that has hit but we will recover,” said District 4 Chairwoman Bertha Goins.

Although many uncertainties remain, effects of the abandonment will seemingly be felt for months to come.

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