Realtors Revitalizing, Selling Lake Katherine Homes Damaged in 2015 Floods

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- Two years ago flood waters ravaged our state, killing nine alone in Richland County. Here on Burwell lane neighbors said floodwaters were up to 17 feet high, ruining multiple homes in this area. Now people are working to revitalize this neighborhood and make it better than before.

On October 4th 2015, heavy rain fell on South Carolina, leading to a once-in-a-thousand year flood that changed the lives of many.

“What was left behind were house that had anywhere from 6 inches to six feet or more of water inside of them and water is probably one of the nastiest agents in terms of wreaking havoc on homes,” said Carolina Distinguished Professor Dr. Susan

That havoc did a number on homes and businesses in our area. Richland County officials say the federal government committed nearly 31 million dollars in federal aid in the wake of the flood.

Experts said certain areas in the county had a greater impact than others.

“The areas that were adjacent to the gills creek watershed, those areas experienced very heavy flooding and that’s were we saw a lot of potential and real dam failures. Parts of it have recovered quite well and other parts of it are still in the process,” said Cutter.

In some areas that are rebuilding, people see opportunities for a new beginning.

“We got started out here because we saw an opportunity to take houses that are in a wonderful area and basically transform them , have really a blank palette to work from to bring them up to really the needs and standards that people are looking for,” said realtor Al Floyd.

Though the houses have been completely renovated, they are still located in a flood zone. Realtors said the once-in-a-lifetime event should not deter people from buying property. “The house have been built to FEMA standards so everything that can possibly be done to the house to prevent against normal flooding has been done. And of course, flood insurance is available,” Floyd said.

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