St. Peter’s and First Baptist Church Make Thanksgiving Feast For Those Less Fortunate

Columbia, SC (WOLO)– It Is a long-running tradition here in Columbia.  Hundreds in the community gather at the Coliseum for a special thanksgiving meal, prepared by more than 200 volunteers.

“I believe there’s nothing like being around your family, your friends, the individuals you grew up with, you know, to share a nice meal with. To all come together and have a good time,” Jaja Akair said, who was waiting in line for the meal.  For Akair, this meal brings together the people he calls his family. And it wouldn’t happen without the hundreds of volunteers from First Baptist Church and St. Peters Catholic church.


“Well, you know, not only are the people that are coming to be ministered to are being helped, but the people that are ministering are being helped as well,” Pastor Wendell Estep said, with First Baptist. 


Of the more than 200 volunteers, there were a lot of smaller hands helping serve not only turkey, but also a side of something to be thankful for.


“And what I’ve been so amazed of, is how many young people are here. How many parents have brought their children to serve the poor and to give them the experience to first, in the morning, serve those in need, and then in the afternoon be able to eat together in their homes and maybe watch some football,” Father Andrew Fryml said, with St. Peter’s Catholic Church. 


“I feel like later in life I’m going to be glad my parents gave me the opportunity to help other people,” Aidan Dong said, an 11-year-old who was eager to serve. 


“Her mom gave her a choice of what she might want to do today, and she said, ‘I want to go to Columbia and feed the homeless.’ And I thought that was absolutely perfect,” Margaret Burris said of her granddaughter Kaitlyn (10). 


“You really don’t know it’s going to affect someone’s life,” Dong said. 

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