Chicken Man’s Famous Trailer Stolen, Community Steps Up To Help


Columbia, SC (WOLO)–  Ernest Lee is a local legend. Since he moved here in 1999 he has become a household name to many. His artwork hanging in all across the state. 


“Because the trailer was a landmark. Whenever you saw that trailer you knew the Chicken Man was around,” Curtis Wilson said, with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. “And his artwork is known throughout South Carolina, especially right here in Gamecock country. So with that being said, you gotta help somebody like this. Come on!”


In late October, Lee’s famous red and white chicken trailer was stolen. He reported the loss to Columbia Police and the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, but they’re still on the hunt for who did it. 


“Not only have they lose the trailer, but they lost all their paintings and that’s a lot of money lost, that you can never replace,” Les Hanna Harper said, a friend of Lee’s. 


“It was my bread and butter! It helped me go do shows. It made it a lot easier,” Lee said. He said even though this is a setback, he can still see the bright side and is ready to move forward.  


“You have a trailer that stands out the way that this one does… what’re you going to do with it? Again, we’re asking if you’re watching and you’re the one who did this– just return it. Just return it,” Wilson said. 


Since the theft, Harper started a GoFundMe page to raise money for a new trailer. The one they want costs more than $6 thousand and in two days they raised that much, and more!


“Overwhelmed. I had no idea what so ever that the community would stand behind him,” Harper said of the community. People all the way from Charleston are donating, amounts ranging from $20 to $250. They are hoping to get Lee his new trailer by Christmas.  


“I feel like I’m going to be alright. I just hope they catch the fella that done this,” Lee said. 


If you’d like to donate money to the Chicken Man,  click on the link here. 

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