Richland County Council Reveals Details on Rejuvenating County, Some Members Still Have Concerns

Plan Includes Changes to County Courthouse, Columbia Mall and New Complex in Lower Richland

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- Big changes are coming to Richland County. County council members unveiled a plan to revitalize Richland including erecting a new judicial center at the Richland County Administrative on Hampton street, construction including demolishing and retrofitting Columbia Mall to host county offices and creating a multipurpose facility in Lower Richland.

Some council members say the Richland Renaissance Plan was approved in executive session last week by a vote of six to five. Though members who were present at Tuesday’s unveiling were excited about the project, others said county money should be going elsewhere.

Councilman Seth Rose was one of the five members who voted against the Renaissance Plan, calling for more public input to address greater needs in the county. “If we do have $250 million there are a lot more, in my opinion, pressing needs. The courthouse is a pressing need, but these other projects give me great concern,” said District 5 Councilman Seth Rose.

Members who voted for the plan say the cost of the project have not been finalized yet.

“We don’t anticipate a millage increase. Are we going to bankrupt the county? As a taxpayer in Richland County, that’s not going to be something I will vote for. It’s a bit reactionary to suggests that somehow we are going to tank the county,” said District 10 Councilwoman Dahli Myers.

Councilwoman Myers said there is no timeline for completion just yet. Councilman Rose said although he did not vote for the plan, he hopes it works out for everyone in Richland County.