Ralliers apply Dr. King’s words to modern times during King Day at the Dome

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- Cold conditions could not stop hundreds from coming out to honor the legacy.

“His legacy was about all people, regardless of race or gender. His legacy was to unite us all. So it is important for everyone to not forget the past but to remember our history and move forward to work collectively together,” said 2018 Secretary of State Melvin T. Whittenburg.

Though this April will mark 50 years since king was assasinated, generations of people say his words still inspire them today.

“We can all listen to him because he never gave up on what he believed in and he fought for his rights and did what was right,” said Tomaiyah Perry of Rock Hill.

“I think his statement about injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere rings true especially today. I think we all feel that,” said Archie Parnell, candidate for South Carolina’s fifth congressional district.

“We should not judge people by how they look or what color or race they are. We should just be friends and be equal and love one another,” said Shaquille Killian of New Hope Zion AME Church.

Regardless of age, color, class or creed, they all agree that there is still more work to be done to fulfill king’s dream.

“We are in dangerous times and dr. King was a prophet. He understood what needed to be fought for. His gains were tremendous but they are being backtracked by this administration and they need to be fought for again. Just as dr. King encouraged people to march, we need to do the same and we need to get out and vote with our feet in 2018,” said Annabelle Robertson, candidate for South Carolina’s second congressional district seat.

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