Dominion says SCANA should take a better deal if another company offers one

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- Dominion Energy said they are making their merger a better deal for ratepayers but if legislators don’t like the plan, they can leave it alone.

“We have been very clear, we said if someone else comes in and offers something better, you should take it. We understand, we may not be very happy but we understand. But right now we are the only folks who have been willing to come up and stand up in front of everybody  and this what we stand behind,” said Chet Wade, Dominion Energy’s Vice President of Corporate Communications.
Lawmakers said at least three other companies are interested in making offers to SCANA, offers they hope to now explore.
 “I think we owe it to the citizens of South Carolina, get them to the table that SCANA was not inviting them to and hear what those other offers might be that would not only be beneficial to SCANA shareholders but would also be beneficial to 800,000 ratepayers that have paid billions into reactors that SCANA and Dominion want nothing to do with,” said Fairfield County Senator Mike Fanning.
Initially, Dominion proposed a five percent reduction from current SCE&G rates. Now they want to
reduce rates even more.
“The size of the rate decrease has actually gone up. Now as we understand the tax laws better, it is more in line with about 7 percent reduction which would come within 90 days of when we get the merger closed,” said Wade.
Lawmakers said they are open to the hearing about the new cutback.
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