US Marshal Service warns public of jury scam

Columbia, SC (WOLO) — The US Marshal’s Service Office is warning the public about a jury scam that appears to be making the rounds, again.

According to authorities, the “imposter scam” is happening Nationwide where officials say a person will call you and pretend to be an officer of the court, claiming that you are facing fines for failing to appear for jury duty. In Some case, officials say the individuals even give the name of legitimate law enforcement officers and Judges to appear more legitimate.

Once they tell the person on the phone that they must pay the fine to avoid jail time, they’re instructed to give payment using a debit card like a green dot pre-paid card.

The US Marshal’s asks you to keep the following in mind to keep you from getting scammed:

  • US Marshal Service does NOT ask for this type of information over the phone.
  • Remind people to NEVER give their financial information to someone they do not know, especially over the phone.
  • Authenticate who called you, by in return calling the court or law enforcement agency to verify the court order

If you or someone you know has been subject to this scam you can contact:

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