Devastating video shows the town of Nichols underwater

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)– When you see these images, you think how can it get any worse? But the rivers haven’t reached their crest and Nichols is already drowning. completely underwater, Nicols is one of the areas hardest hit since Florence slowly made her way across the state.

“This disaster is one of unique magnitude. It hasn’t ended, it’s going to continue,” JoAnn Turnquist said, with the Central Carolina Community Foundation. 

The images are devastating but rescuers said they are lucky because so many residents are following the advisories and leaving before they need to be rescued.

“Right now, we have not had to do any search and rescues, most of our missions have been assisting people to get to safety in areas that are beginning to feel the impacts of flooding,” Lt. Col. Cindy King said, with SC National Guard. 

The OneSC Fund said they have received thousands of donations to help those who had to leave because of the rising water– providing food and clothing, and are ready to start rebuilding once the water recedes.   

“The people that are being affected are people in rural areas. They don’t have a Home Depot down the street, they don’t have a Lowe’s down the street. And a lot of times they don’t have the volunteers or the funds to even know where to start,” Turnquist said.

There are more than 2,000 troops going on more than 13 days of Florence recovery. They are assisting with evacuations, supporting local law enforcement, and monitoring infrastructure.

“And as you know, we have 200 roads closed and many of them are susceptible to flooding. So this is the worst of times for many of our friends and neighbors in the Pee Dee area. So it’s always wonderful when people will come forward to help,” Gov. Henry McMaster said.

Many of the rivers are not done pushing water into cities, causing millions of dollars in damage. If you’d like to help you can find volunteer opportunities here or click to donate to OneSC Fund here.

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