‘I’m at my breaking point,’ Mallard Apartment residents say

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)– It feels like Allen Benedict Court Apartments round two. Some residents of Mallard Apartments are having to evacuate their homes and stay in motels until the apartments are up to code.

City officials put 12 yellow trespassing signs on doors and people say they are at their breaking point. Unsure of what the future holds and how long they will be out of their homes for.

“We’re just sitting here waiting and wondering… what’s next?” Leslie Henderson said, who was waiting to be told what to do next. 

People are frustrated, they say there has been almost no communication from the landlords of Mallard Apartments.

“And I’m still lost. As the minute’s countdown, there’s nothing more I can do,  just wait. Just wait to see what they do. Enjoy the last few minutes of my own apartment before I can’t anymore,” Jessica Stevenson said, another resident who was waiting for direction. 

Jessica Stevenson just needs a working heater and hoped it would come before the city inspectors so that she wouldn’t have to evacuate,  but, she’s still waiting.

“Heaters didn’t come yet… so… tomorrow… We’re going to give it all we got,” Darrell McMahom said, a maintenance worker said.

The maintenance workers went around knocking on all the doors with yellow trespassing signs letting them know they secured motels for all of the families being uprooted from their homes. Maintenance crews say they are fixing everything they can–  as soon as possible, but their three-man team is stretched thin.

“We’re just giving it 110% you know, that’s all we can do. We can’t  be everywhere at one time. So we gotta start and keep going in a line… but gas leaks are our number 1 priority. People with no heat? That’s our number one priority,” McMahom said. 

“It’s hard to not be able to tell your kids where you’re going to be staying. And where they’re going to sleep every night,” Henderson said. 

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