Midlands Cookie Monster: Man buys all the cookies from a group of Girl Scouts

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)– While the story of a man buying all the girl scout cookies in the Upstate did not turn out to be as positive of a message as people had hoped, there is a story here in the Midlands that is sweet all around.

Troop 96 had only been selling cookies for about half an hour at Burkes Outlet when their Girl Scout Leader could not believe what she was hearing.

“Miss Gwen, Miss Gwen, this man wants to buy all of our cookies! I said what? So, I came over, he had bought a couple of boxes and then all of a sudden he said,  I’ll just take them all,” Gwen Lawrence said, Troop 96’s scout leader. “And not just all the ones on the table, all the ones we had on the floor.”

Craig Lovett decided the three boxes he had in his hands just weren’t enough.

“I was surprised. And I was excited that someone was generous enough to buy all of our cookies for us,” Karmen Robinson said, a 5-year girl scout. 

All 130 boxes, which is about $520 dollars the scouts can now put towards their trip to Virginia. But then, Lovett turned around and came back to teach the girls a valuable lesson.

“He left, came back, we were so excited, he came back, and said, ‘I don’t think I gave you guys enough money,’ and sure enough he shorted ourselves a few dollars. So he came back and gave us the right amount of money. That’s honesty. And that’s what we teach our girls, being honest and fair,” Lawrence said.

The trip to Virginia is to immerse the scouts in history in other states. Trips that mean a lot to the scouts.

“We get to go fun places and I get to spend time with other girls and have fun,” Robinson said.

A big thanks to a kind man who had quite the sweet tooth.

“That was the nicest man I’ve ever met. He did a wonderful job for the Girl Scouts,” Lawrence said.

Troop leader Gwen Lawrence said she posted that picture of the girls and Mr. Lovett to facebook and some of his friends commented saying they are not surprised he was so generous because that’s just the kind of guy he is.  

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