Three suspects sentenced after a string of armed robberies in Lexington Co

LEXINGTON COUNTY, S.C. (WOLO) – Three West Columbia suspects have been sentenced for a string of robberies while armed with a shot gun in Lexington County.

Devontre Cortell Jackson, 27, pled guilty to multiple counts of armed robbery and was sentenced to 33 years in prison. Jackson has prior convictions for armed robbery, multiple counts of grand larceny and two counts of burglary.

Jason Rashad-Knight Timmons, 19, pled guilty to multiple counts of armed robbery and was sentenced in prison. Timmons has a prior conviction for burglary.

De”Avian Deanne Young, 18, pled guilty to multiple counts of armed robbery and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Young does not have a prior criminal record.

Jackson, Timmons and Young committed several armed robberies from June 16th to June 27th of 2018.

In all of the robberies, the same shotgun was used. Jackson acquired the shotgun the month prior, sawed it off and made it into a pistol grip. He ensured that it was fully loaded in all of the robberies.

Only Jackson and Timmons were charged with the first robbery that occurred on June 16th. In most of the other robberies, Jackson was the planner and driver, Timmons carried the shotgun, and Young was the person grabbing the money.

Almost all of the robberies were captured on video surveillance.

The first robbery occurred on June 16th at the Best Stop located on Leaphart Road in West Columbia. Timmons is initially carrying the shotgun and aims it at the clerk demanding money.

Jackson then grabs the shotgun from Timmons and leans over the counter pointing the shotgun closer to the clerk in an apparent effort to speed up the robbery. Jackson, Timmons, and Young then commit a robbery on June 19th, at the Circle K located on Augusta Road followed by a second one that day at the Circle K located on Charleston Hwy.

The next day, on June 20th, they attempt to rob the Wendy’s on Sunset Blvd in West Columbia as the employees were locking up and exiting the restaurant they were approached by two masked individuals carrying a shotgun and saying “get them.” They were able to run back inside and lock the door.

Approximately 30 minutes after attempting to rob the Wendy’s, they robbed the Circle K on Sunset Blvd in West Columbia. The clerk describes hearing “give me all your money” and she thought it was a joke until she turned around to find a shotgun in her face where it remained during the entire robbery.

Subsequently the Corner Pantry on Platt Springs Road in Springdale was robbed by the group on June 23rd and 26th. They also robbed the Pitt Stop on Edmund Hwy in Pelion on June 25th. The last robbery took place on June 27th at the Waffle House on Airport Blvd in Cayce.

This string of armed robberies gained a great deal of media attention causing businesses to be on high alert. A tip came in on June 28th from a clerk at the Speedway in West Columbia who noticed two suspicious people at the gas station looking at cameras a few days prior.

She believed those same individuals came back and attempted to get into the Speedway, but the door was locked. The group then called the number on the door asking for assistance to get into the store, but the clerk did not allow them inside. The investigation revealed that the number used belonged to Jackson.

Law enforcement was able to retrieve video from the Speedway and were able to identify Young and Jackson. A witness identified Young as being involved and clothes worn by her during two of the robberies were recovered in her house.

Fugitive task force located Young in Columbia on July 2nd at the Knight’s Inn. Jackson and Timmons then left the state and went to New Jersey where they were apprehended by the US Marshalls on July 10th and brought back to South Carolina.

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, West Columbia Police Department, Cayce Department of Public Safety, and Springdale Police Department were involved in the investigation of these robberies.

Young, Jackson, and Timmons all eventually confessed to the robberies and implicated each other after first denying any involvement. Law enforcement was able to recover the clothes worn in the robberies as well as the shotgun in the woods.

Also, their phone records place them at each robbery. The investigation also revealed that the robberies were gang related.

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