Richland Co. Councilman Jim Manning announces retirement

Richland Co, SC (WOLO) — A Richland County councilman who has held the same elected position for more than 10 years says he is stepping down. Councilman Jim Manning made the announcement late Wednesday night. Manning making it official that he plans to retire at the end of his term.

Manning who is known for his long white hair , bow ties and calm demeanor says he has agreed to serve out the remainder of his term, but has no plans to seek re-election saying,

  “I am humbled and honored to have served the people of Richland County for more than a decade,” Manning said.

During his service in the county, Manning’S first big imitative was to create the what is now known as the Decker Corridor Alliance, which had a goal of preserving,  revitalizing  and promoting the  the integrity of Richland County’s International Corridor.  However, his first motion was to create the county’s Economic Development Department, which now grown to a staff of five.

Manning has spent years crafting the revised referendum for the 2012 Transportation Penny initiative based after it failed to live up to expectations during its 2010 inception.  He also worked on county council’s Legacy Summit, which helped hire a Sustainability Coordinator for Richland County to be one of the first to push for “green initiatives.”

While manning worked alongside other council members to foster the elimination of waiting lines for Meals on Wheels, he also facilitated the creation of and money for two Resiliency Teams, one for Richland One and another for Richland Two school districts. One of his biggest pushes has been behind the creation and chairs for the Richland County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force.  manning continues to work tirelessly to educate the public, business and lawmakers about how bad the issue is in South Carolina and he has even helped secure funding for programs created to protect young from the predators that prey on them.

Manning says after retiring he plans to spend more time on his consulting business and continue running hid Gray Hair Solutions, LLC believes in integrity and transparency, which was the driving force behind his efforts to build consensus among council members which led to a unanimous vote to record individual votes.
Manning, who holds master’s degrees in both social work and public administration, plans to spend more time on his consulting business, Gray Hair Solutions, LLC.

Manning says,

“I want to thank my council colleagues and the voters who believed I could make a positive difference in the life of Richland County, I wish the council good luck in the future.”

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