Sheriff Lott calls Two Notch Road shooting an “assassination” and “premeditated”

Lott announced that two suspects were arrested

RICHLAND COUNTY, S.C. (WOLO) —The Richland County Sheriff’s Department is continuing their push against gun violence.

Sheriff Leon Lott announced his team made three arrests in two homicide cases, including two in the shooting off Two Notch Road last week.

According to Sheriff Lott, two suspects involved in the shooting of Joshua Peterson, 28, last week targeted their victim, followed him, and shot him once they learned he was driving by himself. However, five days after the incident, sheriff’s deputies brought the two men into custody.

Aaron Evans, 44, and Simeon Miller, 25, were both charged with murder.

Peterson knew both men, according to authorities, and that Friday’s shooting stemmed from a disagreement between both parties.

“This was an assassination….this was premeditated, it was not spur of the moment, it was not a crime of passion, this was a premeditated murder where they targeted our victim, followed the victim, and they murdered him,” Sheriff Lott said.

Sheriff Lott said community tips and persistent investigating from his deputies led to the arrests, saying that input is crucial in bringing the small group of people that commit the most crimes to justice.

“They’re fed up with these little gangsters running around with guns, shooting up their neighborhoods. They’re fed up with what’s been happening. The community’s taking a stance. They’re tired of it, and enough’s enough,” Sheriff Lott said.

Sheriff Lott also announced that 27-year-old Anthony Williams has been charged with the murder of 31-year-old Richard Patterson. Sheriff Lott said both men had an ongoing dispute, which led to the shooting on the 7900 block of Bluff Road back on May 5. 

Williams had already been serving time for an unrelated crime in Florence County before witnesses came forward with more information from May’s shooting.

“We’re fortunate in Richland County and in the City of Columbia that people do talk to us, they do tell us what’s going on, they give us information, we need that to continue and continue to get even stronger,” Sheriff Lott said.

Sheriff Lott said the two crimes are not related, and that he does not believe they are gang-related.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, 17 murders have taken place in the county this year, and that with these arrests, the number of unsolved murder cases is now down to three.

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