Lexington Medical Center wants you to help bring patients smiles

An area hospital is hoping you can help bring a smile to patients faces
Cards For Patients

Image: Lexington Medical Center

Image: Lexington Medical Center

LEXINGTON COUNTY, S.C. (WOLO) — During the pandemic, health officials say it can be tough to be isolated from your loved ones, but it can be even harder when you are isolated and hospitalized.

To help bring a little bit of joy to their patients, the Lexington Medical Center is looking for anyone who likes to write, and draw that can help them create homemade greeting cards.

The Medical Center thought the gesture would help visitors during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that has now put a strict policy in place keeping anyone not being treated out of the hospital.  Medical officials say something as simple as a card has the ability to bring a smile and hopefully cheer up members of the community in the hospital.

If you are interested, all you have to do is write a simple hope filled or happy message that will then be handed out to patients by nurses to each patients’room whether they’re suffering from COVID-19 or not.

The Director of Pastoral Care with the Medical Center, with children out of school and trying to come to terms with what’s happening around them, this could be an exercise that benefits them as well.

“Children need a way to express their concerns in a positive way. By thinking beyond themselves, they learn about empathy and discover their power to help their world instead of being stuck in what feels like an out of control situation to them,” said Donna Peele, MDiv, BCC, director of Pastoral Care at Lexington Medical Center.

Anyone planning on bringing cards to the hospital should do so in a sealed zipper storage bag. Putting cards in a tightly sealed plastic bag for 24 hours can kill any germs that may be on them and could transfer to patients and staff.

Drop offs will be held everyday at 9am – 4pm Monday through Friday at the South entrance located at 2720 Sunset Boulevard of the hospital, just off of highway 378.

Anyone wanting to drop off cards before you get there and a representative from Pastoral Care will pick up the cards from the car window.

That number is: (803) 791 – 2901.


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