Attorney general releases report detailing increase in human trafficking in the state, explains preventative measures

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — Monday morning, Attorney General Alan Wilson released a human trafficking task force annual report at the state house.

The report details the magnitude of human trafficking in the state and efforts underway to combat the crime.

The report shows a nearly 50 percent increase in the number of victims reported and an increase of children and youth suffering as victims.

The attorney general says that South Carolina sits between two human trafficking hubs in Charlotte and Atlanta.

He adds that the human trafficking crime does not look always how you would expect.

“Most people think of human trafficking as something in a Hollywood movie. Most people think human trafficking is a snatch and grab where somebody grabs somebody in metropolitan city, throws them in a van and drives off with them,” Wilson said. “From the report that we talked about, a lot of the relationships with the trafficker and the trafficking victim is an intimate partner, family member of employer. It is a personal crime and a crime that happens locally.”

The attorney generals office is kicking off a prevention education initiative this year designed for middle and high schools as well as other youth serving agencies.

Currently, 52 cases of human trafficking are open in South Carolina. 

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month in the Palmetto State.

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