SC Native & “The Walking Dead’s” Jeryl Prescott raises awareness on sarcoidosis

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – Curtis spoke with South Carolina native and actress Jeryl Prescott of “The Walking Dead” about sarcoidosis and its effect on African-American women.

The Foundation For Sarcoidosis Research says the inflammatory disease forms granulomas (tiny clumps of inflammatory cells) in one or more organs of the body, which could interfere with an organ’s structure and function.

Officials also say African-American women are three times more likely to develop sarcoidosis, experience chronic and severe symptoms resulting in hospitalization rates 10-18 times higher and have a higher mortality rate that’s 12 times higher when compared to Caucasians.

Prescott, who has been diagnosed with cardiac sarcoidosis, spoke about the disease and the FSR’s “Ignore No More” campaign that aims to raise awareness on the disease and different ways to treat it.

For more information, visit the FSR’s website.

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