Consumer News: Fitbit recalling four smart watch models, FDA expands baby formula recall

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CNN– Fitbit users listen up. The company is recalling roughly a million of its smart watches because they could burn users. The recall impacts four models of Fitbit’s ionic smart watches. The Consumer Product Safety Commission states the lithium battery inside the watch can overheat. The agency says Fitbit has already received at least 115 reports in the U.S. about the devices. 78 reports highlighted burn injuries, with four reporting second degree burns and two with third degree burns. The watches were sold between September 2017 and December 2021.

CNN– A warning from the FDA says a baby formula recall is expanding following reports of infant illness and a second infant death. The agency is investigating whether the infections the babies contracted are linked to several Abbott Nutrition brands produced at a Michigan factory. The growing recall and investigation come at a time when parents are already dealing with a shortage of baby formula. Jenn Sullivan tells us what’s being done to help parents scrambling to find safe options.

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