Tornadoes cause devastation throughout parts of the south

CNN– Two people are dead in the Florida panhandle, and two are injured after severe storms hit the deep south Wednesday night into Thursday morning, causing significant damage. Three radar-confirmed tornadoes were reported in central Alabama, where local authorities say a mobile home was overturned. At least one person was inside the structure at the time. The twisters also knocked down some trees, causing power outages.

A Missouri family is devastated after their home was destroyed by a tornado Tuesday night. The National Weather Service confirmed an EF1 tornado ripped through the area. The family says it all happened so quickly, describing a weird sound in the air, followed by a rumbling sound before the power went out and the roof was ripped off the home. The family says their home of eight years is a total loss.

The month of March broke a record with the number of tornadoes touching down across the country. Just this month there have been at least 214 tornadoes, the most on record since 1950. The Storm Prediction Center says the previous record for March was set last year, with 191 tornadoes. Usually there are only about 80.

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