Senate vote on federal abortion rights could come this week

CNN– The battle over abortion rights appears to be heading to the Senate floor, after a weekend of Mother’s Day protests across the country. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Sunday that he plans to file a motion for a procedural vote Monday, on the controversial issue over Roe v. Wade, which could see a full Senate vote on Wednesday. Democrats are hoping they can preserve abortion rights that way. Speaking to fox news on sunday, sc senator lindsey graham said he believes roe vs. Wade created a constitutional right that doesn’t exist in the written constitution, creating division since day one.

Senator Lindsey Graham says he hopes Roe v. Wade gets repealed. If it does, South Carolina’s fetal heartbeat bill is likely to go into effect, banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually around six weeks.

Last year, Governor Henry McMaster signed the act into law, but it was blocked by a Planned Parenthood lawsuit.

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