ONE-ON-ONE: SC Education Lottery spokesperson tells you what to know ahead of $1 billion jackpot drawing

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — A big treat is available this Halloween for Powerball lottery players.

The jackpot for the lottery is now up to $1 billion dollars, the second largest prize in Powerball’s 30-year history.

“What players need to know is that you have until 9:59 pm for the 10:59 drawing,” said Holli Armstrong, SC Education Lottery spokesperson.

Once you go into a gas station or store that offers lottery tickets, you can either have the terminal pick 6 random numbers for you or you can tell the clerk what numbers you want. 

“You have to match all six  to win the billion dollar jackpot but there’s other prizes,” Armstrong said. “You can win a million dollars or if you just match the Powerball, you can win 4 dollars. Definitely check your ticket to see how many numbers you match.”

While no one won the jackpot after Saturday’s drawing, Armstrong says a winning $50,000 prize came from this QuikTrip on Fort Jackson Boulevard. The winner has yet to claim the money.

“When they come down to our claim center within 180 days, they’ll leave with a check,” Armstrong explained. “Depending on how much you win determines if you get a check or a wire transfer.”

Only if you win the jackpot will a separate bank account be set up for your winnings. If you win the big prize, no one else has to know. 

“If South Carolina if you win the billion dollar jackpot, you have one important decision to make. You get to decide to remain anonymous or if you’d like to have publicity,” Armstrong said. “It’s up to you and something you need to decide before you come to cash your winning ticket.”

In addition to the prize winners, Armstrong says the South Carolina Education Lottery helps the state in a different way as well.

“Big jackpots are a big win for education,” she said. “Roughly 43 cents of every dollar from Powerball directly supports education here in South Carolina. This year marks our lottery’s 20th anniversary. In those 20 years, we’ve transferred 7 billion dollars to education. On a jackpot run like we’re experiencing, that can mean an additional 5 to 10 million that will directly benefit education in our state. “

Tickets cost 2 dollars.

The education lottery lists the odds of winning the jackpot as 1 in 293 million. 

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