SCEMD: 2023 Hurricane Season begins today

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)— The South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) is urging citizens to make a plan in the event a major storm reaches the Midlands this hurricane season.

South Carolina is considered one of the most vulnerable states to hurricanes and tropical storms, according to SCEMD.

Officials ask families to review their emergency plans, put together a disaster kit, review all insurance policies and take early safety precautions:

Know Your Zone. In South Carolina, state and local officials issue hurricane evacuations based on zones in coastal counties. Know your hurricane evacuation zone instantly with the SC Emergency Manager mobile app and, South Carolina’s online hurricane guide.

Prepare Your Home. Do a safety check to make sure your home is best able to withstand the effects of a hurricane. Have your roof inspected, double check hurricane shutters and make sure your insurance policies cover the types of damages hurricanes can cause. Make a list and take photos of your belongings as records. Check your insurance policies now to make sure your policies cover what you need them to.

Remember Your Route.  Be aware of the closest hurricane evacuation route ahead of the upcoming hurricane season. This will allow for a more efficient and safer route out of the hurricane’s path. Once you’ve learned your route, stick with it and remember it. Rely on the blue hurricane evacuation signs, not GPS.

The 2023 Hurricane season ends in November. Get a copy of the 2023 South Carolina Hurricane Guide HERE 

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