Orangeburg organizations aim to help homeless people through ‘Blessing Boxes’

ORANGEBURG, SC (WOLO) — For several years, Orangeburg police officers have been distributing blankets and hygiene items to people in need in their community.

Now, a new initiative is aimed at helping individuals experiencing homelessness.

“This project is geared towards individuals living in cars, walking or who don’t have access,” said Latisha Walker, founder of the Tiffany Grant Foundation.

A new project started by the Tiffany Grant Foundation provides food items for homeless people living on Orangeburg’s streets. These ‘Blessing Boxes will be placed at the city’s two public safety locations. 

“Brainstorming and seeing the need. I was a patrol officer for 10 years at public safety. I know the need. I still stay in Orangeburg and I’ve seen how it’s been changing with the homeless population growing,” Walker said. “That’s how this project came about.”

A person can receive Blessing Box food from an Orangeburg firefighter between the hours of 9 am to 7 pm. Outside that time, they will be helped by a public safety officer. 

“This is really tremendous work coming together. We have individuals in our community that don’t have access to basic needs,” said Chief Charles P. Austin of Orangeburg Public Safety. “Having these blessing boxes will be beneficial to a lot of people.”

The project is made possible thanks to not only the Tiffany Grant Foundation and first responders, but also local businesses such as Food Lion and Piggly Wiggly.

“We’re just so grateful that they partnered with us and saw the need we have in Orangeburg. The contents of the blessing boxes contain readily accessible food items,” Walker said. “These are items an individual can eat right away. They don’t have to prepare it or cook it, they can just eat it.”

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