70 Families Could Soon Be Homeless

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — Wednesday afternoon residents at Parkwood Mobile Home Park received a notice that their water service had been terminated. but Friday, a reprieve, the park manager told residents they would have working water for another 30 days. “Scared, I’m very scared,” says Kayla Sligh, a Parkwood Mobile Home Park resident. Sligh has rented her home for three years now and she says she’s starting to panic. “We have to provide for our children, regardless of anything going on, so we have to make sure we have a place with working water and water sewage,” says Sligh. Park residents say they received an unofficial eviction notice from the park manager, Thursday. This comes after the park manager says she found out the owners of the park hadn’t paid the park’s water bill. Residents are now left with the possibility of being forced out of their homes with no place to go. We went to the home of the park owner to get a response, but they did not want to comment. But residents are talking. “If we weren’t paying our bills and getting evicted, I would understand it, but we pay our bills and we are getting evicted,” says Sligh. Mary Anne Brazell has ownedher home in Parkwood Mobile Home Park for 25 years. “This is devastating, I can’t move my house it’s too old. I don’t know what to do,” says Brazell. But residents say they aren’t going to sit around and wait. “This park has pretty much come together as a whole, saying we’re not taking this,” says Sligh. “I woke up this morning and thought, I’m not going to take this lying down,” says Brazell So they are reaching out to anyone hoping for some help. “As you can see, this isn’t the greatest place to live, but for us, it’s home and we would like to keep it,” says Brazell. Residents have inquired about an emergency curfew. They will go before the magistrate, Monday at 1:00 p.m.

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