More Arrests Made in Dog Fighting Bust

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — “These are not your church going members that you go to church with on Sunday,” says Richland County Sheriff, Leon Lott. Sixty year old James Green and 31 year old Jason Washington are the most recent arrests in a major dog fighting bust in Richland county. Washington is charged with 2 counts of felony dog fighting, while Green is charged with 3 counts of animal cruelty and 4 counts of dog fighting. “Green was responsible for taking box cutters and a set of scissors and cutting Mocha’s ears off,” says Sheriff Lott. That’s only some of the turmoil these dogs have been through. Chained, tortured and taught to fight to the death. Their ears ripped of during the fights and the scars from those fights are still there more than a month later. So far, 5 people have been arrested in connection with the dog fighting bust those include, Stanley Taylor, Santerrio Smith, Jolisa Cole, James Green and Jason Washington. “These are criminals who for sport take these dogs and kill and torture these dogs,” says Sheriff Lott. But for these dogs that turmoil is over and they will not die. “These dogs are not going to die,” says Sheriff Lott. Something not all dogs rescued from a dog fighting ring, get. “All the other dogs in our state were killed, they were killed by us, the ones who rescued them,” says Sheriff Lott. Yet for these dogs, that’s not the case. “We’re not going to have these dogs killed, we’re going to save them. We are going to do all we can, we are going to make sure they get every bit of attention and everything they need to make sure they survive. Then, we’re going to find homes for them,’ says Sheriff Lott.

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