Local Babies Leap Into the World

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(WOLO) COLUMBIA,S.C., — It’s all a matter of timing and four little bundles of joy here in our area share a unique connection. They’re all born in a leap year, which comes only once every four years. We spoke with two parents who have very different views on celebrating the birth of their babies on February 29th. Nicole Silva tells me she and her husband planned their c-section specifically for this day. The couple who already has an 18 month old daughter, agreed the date would give their “leapling” a special story as she gets older. But First time mother, Shanietra Moultrie didn’t feel the same way. In fact, she was not at all excited about having a February 29th due date. Still, after more than 20 hours of labor, little Zion Moultrie made an appearance anyhow. The history behind the leap year dates back to the Roman era. And some say because the sun rotates around the earth every 365 and a quarter days, the additional day keeps the seasons from shifting. Both parents say the once every 4 year date isn’t going to keep them from celebrating their little ones birthdays every year.

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