SC sales tax exemptions that could be eliminated

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A look at sales tax exemptions that would be eliminated under the revised bill up for debate Wednesday, and their estimated worth in 2012-13:

—$3.2 million: Extended service contracts and warranties on vehicles

—$2.1 million: Amusement park rides and parts

—$1.9 million: Supplies and equipment bought by laundries, dry cleaners and carpet cleaners

—$800,000: Non-truck vehicle and motorcycle sales to military service members in SC on orders

—$825,000: Postage paid by advertisers

—$886,400: Cooperative direct mail advertising materials and discount coupons

—$614,000: Paving asphalt products bought in South Carolina and used in another state

—$561,567: Parts and supplies used to repair aircraft

—$374,400: Sweetgrass baskets made by SC artists

—$352,710: Railroad cars, monorail cars and their parts

—$487,220: 70 percent of portable toilet gross rental sales or leases

—$240,000: Building materials and electricity used by a facility researching the impact of natural disasters

—$169,546: Vessels and barges more than 50 tons burden

—$125,000: Depreciable assets used in a business and sold as part of the business

—$60,000: Audio visual masters used by a production company

—$58,116: Property sold to the public through a sheriff’s sale

—$40,000: Clothing for working in a “cleanroom” environment

—$38,979: Curbside disposal collection bags when local governments require them

—$36,000: Museum purchases and exhibition rentals

—$7,500: Copies of legislation to the public

—$4,290: Plants and animal sales to public zoos and gardens

—$0: Sales tax holiday on energy-efficient home products costing less than $2,500(asterisk)

(asterisk)Law creating the exemption was declared unconstitutional by SC Supreme Court

Sources: SC Board of Economic Advisors, April 23 update

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