Lawmakers get Back to Business

(WOLO) COLUMBIA,S.C., — Monday members of Congress are set to begin tackling the debate over several issues before them. One of the top items on the agenda is Immigration Reform. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle could release their plan to resolve the status of millions of men, women and children who are living undocumented here in the United States. Another issue up for debate is the right to bear arms. However, lawmakers do not appear to be any closer in coming to a compromise over the issue. In fact, during a Sunday morning talk show appearance, New York Senator Charles Schumer said some senators have vowed to filibuster bills concerning guns so there will not be a debate. Schumer says that is not the right way to tackle the ongoing issue. Senator John Mccain also weighed in. McCain says although parties may disagree, everyone has the same goal. Keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals and those deemed mentally ill. Source: CNN

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