Haley Challenge, Giving Tuesday Kick-off Christmas Giving

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — “This is going to be the South Carolina Christmas challenge. I want to challenge each and every family to do one random act of kindness,” says, Governor Nikki Haley, R- South Carolina 

Haley issued the challenge during the 47th Annual Governor’s Carolighting ceremony, held at the State House Monday evening. 

Haley’s challenge came the day before people nationwide participated in “Giving Tuesday.” This is the second year for the event that gives anyone the chance to make a difference.

So for South Carolina, Haley said giving back and doing acts of kindness are, “What we do, it’s who we are.”

If every person takes her up on the challenge, we’ll total at least five million acts of kindness this Christmas. 

Residents in the capitol city agree with giving, especially during the holidays. 

“The decorations everywhere and everyone buying gifts for everyone. People just jump on the bandwagon,” says Samuel Hopkins, Columbia 

“We would take old bicycles and fix them up and give them to kids who didn’t have anything.”
“I think it’s way more important to give during the holidays than to get,” says Jill Teasley, Columbia 

“I think it’s way more important to give during the holidays than to get,” says Lauren Tebeau, Columbia. 

South Carolina ranked above average for charitable giving, according to numbers from the Urban Institute’s National Center for Charitable Statistics. The organization claims that, based on 2010 tax returns, more than two million South Carolinians itemized charitable deductions with the average person giving $4,040. That’s 112% of the national average. Wyoming had the highest average of $7,312 per person or twice the national average. New Hampshire had the least at $2,144 or a little more than half of the national average. The national average, based on 2010 tax returns with charitable deductions, was $3,605. 

Let us know what you are doing to participate in Giving Tuesday or to give back this Christmas by commenting below. 

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