Mobile Experience Brings International Poverty to the Midlands

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — These trailers set up in the Radius Church parking lot in Lexington have, for some, a life-changing experience inside. 

“You should never get tired of God do amazing things, that’s what he is in the business of doing,” says Chris Seeby, Executive Pastor of Radius Church. 

Friday afternoon, we decided to see it ourselves. 

Just like others there, we were fitted with headphones and an iPod, then it was time to walk through the trailers. 

The voice on the iPod is the very person’s story we we were walking through. 

Crandall Sims, “Separated by curtains, every room tells the story of a child living in poverty.” 

Three different stories are told and as you walk the separate paths the rooms become more detailed. 

“If you’ve never traveled and seen third world poverty, it’s really tough to understand,” says Seeby

Seeby says the experience is an eye-opener. 

“This is one way that our people can touch it, taste it, smell it and understand it at a deeper level,” says Seeby. 

When  you finish the tour, a room full of more children’s smiling faces are waiting, hoping you’ll sponsor them and change their future. 

“They are living in conditions where they might not have access to clean water or eating a meal everyday,” says Amy Soden, Compassion. 

Soden says you can change that. 

“They are living in the poorest of poor conditions. Basically, poverty is living without hope. So, right now their hope is low, but through sponsorship you can change that,” says Soden. 

The mobile experience will continue through Monday, December 9, 2013. For more information on operating times and the experience visit:

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