Senators debate road-funding plan Haley promises to veto

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The Senate Finance Committee is debating a road-funding bill that raises roughly $800 million yearly in additional funds for road and bridge work, a day after Gov. Nikki Haley pledged to veto it.

The plan advanced by Sen. Ray Cleary’s subcommittee raises the state’s gas tax 10 cents and allows it to continue to increase with inflation. It also raises the sales tax cap on automobile purchases, eliminates dozens of sales tax exemptions and increases the fees for car registrations and drivers’ licenses.

Debate on the measure was expected to continue into Wednesday evening.

On Tuesday, Haley sent a letter to both House members and senators opposing separate road-funding proposals being considered by their committees. She promised to veto either one without an accompanying massive cut in income taxes.

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