A look at the condition of SC’s roads and bridges

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The state Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining the nation’s fourth-largest highway system. It’s made up of the following:

— 41,415 highway miles: 851 interstate miles, 9,472 miles of federal and state highways, and 31,092 miles of secondary roads.

— 20,821 of those secondary miles — made up of 12,000 individual road segments — don’t qualify for federal funding. Half are in “poor” condition. Just 10 percent are deemed in “good” shape.

Of the other miles:

— 10 percent of interstate miles are “poor,” 29 percent “fair,” and 61 percent “good”

— 46 percent of federal and state highways rate “poor,” 38 percent “fair,” and 16 percent “good”

— 43 percent of secondary roads that receive federal funding rate “poor,” 37 percent “fair” and 20 percent “good”

Of the state’s 8,420 bridges:

— 10 are closed.

— 390 have weight restrictions for crossing.

— 822 are rated in poor condition.

— 777 are considered functionally obsolete, due to outdated designs.

Source: SC Department of Transportation as of Feb. 18.

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