Rain Causes Car Woes for Students

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) — According to Austin Herrmann, he picked the wrong day to park by the creek. Herrmann tells ABC Columbia,”When I came out there was just a rush of water coming into my car actually and it was all across the street you couldn’t access the street by foot.” Tara Crunk says she made the same mistake. Even though the flooding on Main and Whaley had cleared by the time she returned to he car, the damage was done. According to Crunk,”I just started raining really quick and I get out to my car. My car is squishy on the inside. It’s flooded, completely flooded.” Both say they received a cell phone notification about flooding in the area but had no indication of the severity or exact location. “The alerts we got only said if you’re parked behind 300 and Main. We didn’t know to move our car,” Crunk tells. As both students work to clean up the mess they say they’re wary of parking in the area ever again. “It’s very frustrating Its flooded there’s standing water everything is ruined so it’s not a great day.”my car is probably not going to be able to run again,” says Herrmann

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