Officer Alia’s Wife Opens Up About His Life

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Columbia , S.C. (WOLO) — One day after Forest Acres Police Officer Greg Alia was killed in the line of duty, his wife Kassy opened up about his life. “I would even just hold his hand and feel electric, it’s like all of my energy was made for his and how lucky I was to have that,” said Kassy Alia. Inside her home, Alia described the special love she shared with her husband Greg. “He was everything I would hope that I would value and for me to love him and that love to be reciprocated was the highest honor that I could ever imagine,” said Alia. Greg and Kassy married four years ago after falling in love here in Columbia. The devoted husband and father to 6-month old Sal was a dedicated police officer and family man. Kassy recalled his passion and love for life and his career. “When greg wanted something he was decisive, he didn‘t hesitate, he didn‘t waiver, he didn‘t regret, he just did it and being a police officer was one of those things,” explained Alia. “Greg was very consistent, he had values that he didn‘t waiver from he believed in everything that America is,” said Greg’s father-in-law Dave Kugler. Kugler said Greg had a love for science fiction, a talent for drawing and a desire to serve and protect from a very young age. Kassy hopes the loss of her husband in the line of duty can serve as a reminder of the love and dedication officers have to keep the community safe. “It was done humbly, it was done without the need for recognition or appreciation, it was done because that’s who he was and I think that he‘s not alone, I know that he is not alone as a police officer.” During this tragedy, the community has showed overwhelming support that Kassy says keeps her focused on the positive things in life. “I am so lucky that I had 7 years of wonderful and I can continue to have that, I am surrounded with love, support, the community coming together others are connected with that love and thats what life should be,” said Alia. The funeral for Greg Alia will be at 11am on Saturday at St. Josephs Church.

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