Hillary Clinton a ‘Better Candidate’ Than in 2008

(ABC News) — Hillary Clinton said this morning she’s a “better candidate” than she was in 2008, giving credit to her campaign team.

“I think that I have a much better organization,” she told “Good Morning America” before tonight’s Iowa caucuses.

“I think that we built an organization using a lot of the lessons learned, and we recruited some of the best people that we could find in the country working in Democratic politics.”

“The months I’ve spent here listening to Iowans makes me a better candidate,” the Democratic presidential front-runner said.

Clinton also said her experience as secretary of state “deepened and intensified” her understanding of what the country’s next president will face.

An Iowan voter who described himself as a “liberal Republican” asked Clinton on “Good Morning America” how she would deal with a “seemingly polarized country” as president, and she explained that she worked well with Republicans as both first lady and secretary of state.

“I have a record of working with Republicans,” she said. “I will work really hard to find that common ground across the aisle, and we will make progress together.”

Over the weekend, organizers and volunteers knocked on more than 125,000 doors on behalf of Clinton, she said, describing the effort in Iowa as “exhausting.” But she said the “intimate” stories she hears from voters “keeps her going.”

“I’ve covered a lot of ground,” Clinton said, adding that she has met thousands of people. “I’ve learned so much.”

Clinton urged voters to “please be there” for her tonight.

“If you stand up for me, I will stand up for you into this campaign and in the White House,” she said.

Clinton called the race in Iowa “tight,” but said she was optimistic about the outcome.

“We feel very good,” she said. “We’ve worked so hard.”