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Senate impeachment trial: Trump’s legal team mounts his defense

By Benjamin Siegel , Katherine Faulders , Trish Turner , Libby Cathey and Michelle Stoddart

President Donald Trump’s legal team Saturday took to the Senate floor to argue against the case made by the House impeachment managers over the past three days. The president’s lawyers also will have 24 hours over three days to persuade senators that the articles of impeachment charged — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — do not amount to impeachable offenses….

Superbowl Super Acts- a look behind the scenes

GMA'S TJ Holmes gets sneak peak at halftime preps

ABC NEWS–Now to the countdown to the Superbowl. The big game is getting close and ABC News is getting a first look behind the scenes at the halftime show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Here’s ABC’S TJ Holmes with a sneak peak. Categories: Digital Exclusives and Features, Entertainment News Tags: Superbowl

ABC News Exclusive: Trump Impeachment Trial Latest and released recording

ABC NEWS–  The Democratic House Managers used their final day of opening arguments to make their case in the Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump. This comes as a new exclusive from ABC News, a recording that appears to capture President Trump at private dinner in 2018 saying he wants Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch to be fired. ABC’S Serena Marshall…

‘Take her out’: Recording appears to capture Trump talking about firing ambassador

Trump apparently heard discussing firing Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

A recording reviewed by ABC News appears to capture President Donald Trump telling associates he wanted the then U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch fired – and speaking at a small gathering that included Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman — two former business associates of Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani who have since been indicted in New York.

First accuser faces Harvey Weinstein during New York City trial

(ABC News) — Thursday people heard the first testimony from one of six accusers against Harvey Weinstein. That witness, “Sopranos” actress Annabella Sciorra. A supporting witness for the prosecution, taking the stand recounting in graphic detail the night she says Weinstein raped her nearly three decades ago. Categories: National News

Second full day of opening arguments in president Trump impeachment trial

(ABC News) — The Democratic House Managers were back on Captiol Hill for the second full day of opening statements as they turn their focus to making the constitutional argument to remove the president from office. Democrats argue the president abused his power and obstructed Congress.. the president’s defense team is taking notes preparing to challenge each point when they…