WATCH: Rubio Brings S.C. Lawmakers on Campaign Trail to Garner Votes

GILBERT, S.C. (WOLO) – After making a come-back on the debate stage, Marco Rubio is criss-crossing South Carolina highways this week, reaching out for the votes of Christian Conservatives.

The candidate was in Gilbert Monday night at Harmon’s Tree Farm. Hundreds came out to see the candidate speak.

Rubio was flanked by two major South Carolina supporters, Representative Trey Gowdy, and Senator Tim Scott.

Representative Gowdy pointed out a key difference between his candidate and the party’s top polling, Donald Trump, by saying that parents would not have to hold their hands over their kids’ ears while Rubio delivered his speech.

Senator Tim Scott brought up the empty Supreme Court seat, left with Justice Antonin Scalia’s passing.

“How many of you want Marco Rubio deciding on the next Supreme Court justice?” Scott asked.

Rubio committed to ensuring an “originalist” replaces Scalia, an echo from Saturday night’s debate, where Rubio came out on top. A CBS News poll of watchers found that 32 percent saw him as the winner, ahead of Donald Trump and John Kasich.

“I will bring us together,” Rubio said, “because you saw on the debate the other night, there’s some real differences going on right now. And the Democrats love that stuff. They cheer every time we call each other names, we fight, we bicker, we get at each others’ throats. The longer we go on, the worse it’s going to be. I can unify this party and I can grow it.”

Voters in attendance listed national security as the most important issue this election.

In a nod to South Carolina, Rubio said he plans on capturing terrorists alive, and sending them to Guantanamo Bay; not to the Palmetto State.


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