South Carolina Primary

Clinton Wins SC Primary: Exit Poll Results Show

Tom Lynn/AP Photo (ABC News) — ABC News projects Hillary Clinton will win South Carolina Democratic primary, based on our analysis of the exit polls. Clinton received a big boost from black voters who accounted for 62 percent of South Carolina Democratic primary voters in exit poll results, breaking the state’s record of 55 percent in 2008. Clinton won 84 percent…

Where Democratic Candidates Will Be Ahead of SC Primary

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — The Palmetto State’s Democratic primary is this Saturday and presidential candidates and their supporters are out looking to earn your vote. Here is a look at campaign events in the Middlands area. Hillary Clinton CNN presidential Town Hall Rally at University of South Carolina Tuesday, Feb. 23 (TBD) University of South Carolina School of Law 701 Main St Columbia,…

Trump Wins: South Carolina Primary Results

South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Percent Votes Jeb Bush (REP) 7.84% 57,883 Ben Carson (REP) 7.23% 53,354 Ted Cruz (REP) 22.34% 164,883 John R Kasich (REP) 7.62% 56,240 Marco Rubio (REP) 22.48% 165,951 Donald J Trump (REP) 32.50% 239,897 738,208 Categories: National News Tags: Politics, Primary, South Carolina Primary

WATCH: Hillary Clinton in a Minute

Everything You Need To Know About Hillary Clinton What she does now: Full-time presidential candidate. After stepping down as Secretary of State, she traveled the country and the world commanding speaking fees in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. What she used to do: Former Secretary of State, two-term U.S. Senator, 2008 presidential candidate and, of course, former first Lady….

County-by County Voting Locations

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) –The South Carolina Republican Presidential Preference Primary is Saturday. If you choose the REPUBLICAN PARTY, you are allowed to vote only for REPUBLICAN candidates, NON-PARTISAN candidates, and REFERENDUMS in Primary Elections. If you choose the DEMOCRAT PARTY, you are allowed to vote only for DEMOCRAT candidates, NON-PARTISAN candidates, and REFERENDUMS in Primary Elections.  Polls are open from…

Robertson, Sanford Support Cruz

Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" fame appeared at Cruz events in Charleston and Myrtle Beach.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — Ted Cruz had a celebrity guest Friday campaigning along the coast. Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame appeared at Cruz events in Charleston and Myrtle Beach. A Washington Post poll released Friday has Cruz in a distant second behind Donald Trump with Marco Rubio just behind. The Texas senator also picked up an endorsement. Friday afternoon…