Watch: Police Looking for Suspects in Car Robbery, Chase and Shooting

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) — Latitia Baskett says her Monday started off like any other,”Getting ready for work, start the car to warm it up, one second back in the house forgot to give the dogs water gave them water came out and my car was gone.”

Baskett immediately called her son, Jared,  and told him to be on the look out for the missing car.
He tells ABC Columbia, “I was riding around this morning you know trying to see if I could find it and ended up running into them actually.”
Jared spotted the car on Farrow Road and called Baskett to give her the heads up.
“I got the call from him saying, all I heard was get out my momma’s car get out my momma’s car, that’s not your car and then the phone went dead,”Baskett says of the call.
Columbia Police say the thieves fled down Farrow Road, with Jared chasing behind watching as they hitting another car.
“The end up trying to come down Farrow road and they made that right turn and they ran into that right sign. I know they hurt cause they hit it pretty hard.”
Jared says he was confronting the pair when one of the robbers opened fire.
“One of them pulled out a gun and started shooting at me trying to get away one went one way and one went the other way,” he explains.
Baskett’s 2009 Toyota Camry, which she bought just two months ago, was severely damaged but she did notice some changes she believes were an attempt to disguise the vehicle.
According to Baskett,”Changed the paper tag on it, took my hub caps an air fresher on the rear view all in my car. had a hyundai that I wanted someone to steal but they didn’t want that.”
Jared echoes his mother’s anger and wants to see the two men responsible behind bars.
He says,”I wasn’t worried about the car I just want to get the ones that did it they gotta get got cause if you’re gonna do stuff like that now then you’re going to do it again.”
Authorities are searching for two dark skinned male suspects.
One was last seen wearing blue jeans with a black jacket and shirt, while the other was wearing a white sweater with blue and white jeans.
Anyone with information about the incident or the individuals involved is asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.
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