Kilbourne Rd. Residents Seek Traffic Calming Solutions

Columbia , S.C. (WOLO) — Residents along Kilbourne Road in Columbia are asking the South Carolina Department of Transportation to take appropriate action to reduce the heavy traffic and high speeds in their neighborhood.

“Very few people are obeying the speed limit,” said resident Zoltan Borbely.
“There are many times the traffic is coming so fast that I’m afraid when I go to cross the road,” explained resident Jim Reid. “It’s dangerous.”
Signs on the road indicate a 30 mph speed limit, however, Borbely says motorists travel Kilbourne Rd. at excessive speeds daily, creating a safety concern for residents in the nearby neighborhood.
“A lot of people would love to go for a walk and it’s very difficult to get across the road,” said Borbely. “There’s a sidewalk on only one side, it doesn’t have a curb for most of it and there’s been speeds recorded as high as 70 mph, average speed is very well over 40 mph.”
According to a letter Borbely says was provided to him by the Department of Transportation, the DOT conducted a speed survey that found 85 percent of motorists travel at less than 39 mph but it also indicated room for improvement which has led to new lane markings, signage and striping.
“They are excellent,” said Reid of the new improvements. “They’ve put some striping that’s kind of moved the traffic away from the sidewalks.”
However, even with the new additions, residents say more needs to be done.
“To their credit, they’ve put up additional signage and they’ve painted up the roads but that’s not actually doing anything about the speeds and volume of the traffic,” explained Borbely.
The DOT says they’ve been working with residents to address these concerns, but at this time they do not have plans for further action.
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