WATCH: After flood, “giving” takes on new meaning this “Midlands Gives”

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – In its third year, “Midlands Gives” has become a welcomed event every spring, but after our state faced historic flooding last fall, the idea of giving has taken on new meaning.

This year’s 24 hour fundraising campaign has grown to include 383 non-profits, and one of the additions is the One SC Fund, created by Governor Nikki Haley after the flood. With a donation of just $20, the drywall can be replaced in a room in a flood victim’s house. Since its inception, the fund has dished out $1.68 million in grants to non-profits getting flood victims back on their feet.

Cory Alpert, a junior at The University of South Carolina and a graduate of Irmo High School, organized fundraising and volunteer efforts on-campus in the flood’s aftermath, deploying more than 1,300 students to 41 sites in a single week.

“We’re finding that students at USC and young people in general, are really enthusiastic about giving back to their community when they have that outlet,” Alpert said.

The One SC Fund, has risen from the flood waters, to become a heavyweight in the non-profit world, but there are others, looking for love this Midlands Gives; many, that are much smaller.

“But this allows for those organizations to have a voice in the community, to have an outlet for people to understand what they’re doing in the community, and how important that work is, and to be able to give money to them to build that capacity, to make sure they grow stronger every single day,” Alpert said.

Last year, the fundraiser raised more than $1.5 million. You can start donating at midnight Tuesday, and can do so until the clock strikes midnight on Wednesday.


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