WATCH: The Fight Against Super Lice

New research shows that your methods for defeating the tiny creature that takes up residence in our hair are becoming few and far between.

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – New research shows that your methods for defeating the tiny creature that takes up residence in our hair are becoming few and far between.

A new study from the Journal of Medical Entomology found that 98 percent of lice are resistant to the most common, over-the-counter treatments.

“Putting toxins on, thinking it’s gone, and then three weeks later, it resurging, is very frustrating for my families,” registered nurse and owner of Pediatric Hair Solutions Sheila Fassler said. “They’re blaming themselves or other people, when really it’s the ineffective products that they’re using.”

When Forest Acres mom Anna Majure found lice on the heads of her three children, she remembered a different kind of treatment.

The 30 minute FDA cleared one, offered through Pediatric Hair Solutions, used heated air to dehydrate the bugs and their eggs. Fassler created the business after volunteering as a school nurse in her kids’ school.

“We’re trying to get families to understand that anyone can get head lice,”  she said. “It does not matter your socio-economic status, your race, your religion; lice like human beings.”

The “super lice”, as the bug is known today, is now found in 48 states.

Avoid the critter, by remembering that lice is spread through hair-to-hair contact. If you have a child with long hair, braid the hair and put it up into a bun to avoid exposure.

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